Nigel Brackley

Nigel Brackley

Having been an avid modeller from the age of 12.
I became an active competitor in FAI aerobatic competitions to Nationals level.

During the late 60’s and early 70’s I then started getting involved with heli’s. Starting off with Schluter Cobra’s, Kavan Jet Ranger’s and then Graupner 212’s.

I became a display pilot for Micro Mold using the Lark 25 and then the later Linnet 40, having a close modelling tie with Peter Valentine. I also represented the UK in Switzerland at one of the early Graupner Cup Events.

I was involved at SRCM with Importing and promoting Kalt and KKK helicopters and also closely involved with MacGregor Industries in the early days of JR heli radio’s.

Started to get involved with the Film & TV industry in the mid 70’s and finally set up NB Modeltronics in 1984.
Worked on many model associated films at the time, while being used as a specialist in the use of flying models.
Moved away from models into SFX work and extreme engineering.

As of now, having been involved with heli’s for so long, you get learn a lot of knowledge over the years that is stored away in the little grey cells.

Always happy to help with out with construction problems, mechanical set-up’s or radio issues.

Currently referred to as “Yoda” by the team !